Welcome to Adriatic Temporary Management Club

Author: Maurizio Quarta Published: 19.04.2018

Interim Management is growing all over Europe, not only among multinational and international companies, but also among SMEs. An important factor to sustain this growth is the managerial culture needed to understand the "tool" and to use it properly (from client side) and to work effectively according to high performance criteria and strong ethical values (from managers’ side).

The countries of the region are relatively new to this type of managerial instrument: this is why a number of senior managers located and operating in the Region have decided to start up a managerial association which has, among others, the following priority goals:

  • Diffusion of professional quality standards
  • Promotion of knowledge among companies
  • Provide a forum for communication
  • Provide practical support and advisory to the interims
  • Foster the continuous learning process
  • Support a natural market regulation.

The mission of the association is inspired by the international standards already in place in the most advanced countries in this business, where the interim management is now a consolidated managerial tool.

To achieve these goals, ATMC will closely work with other professional bodies, high profile international providers, universities and business schools, local and national authorities.

In Italy, we made the same some years ago: as Chairman of the Italian Chapter of IIM – Institute of Interim Management, the British association of interim managers, I have worked intensively in order to create the right type of culture among managers and companies, spreading know how from the most advanced market in Europe. International is definitely better: as President of one of the largest groups of independent interim providers, operating today with partners in 18 countries – from USA to Europe, Turkey, India, China down to Australia – I do personally appreciate and highly value any initiative aimed to help a correct development of a new market, especially among SMEs. And we do that ourselves as well: for instance, as a group, in 2016 we have launched and managed and international interim managers’ survey, covering over 1.200 managers in 12 countries. Moreover, the super-regional approach taken by ATMC, with the ambitious goal of working in even more countries in the region is definitely worth to be supported.

For all the above reasons, I’m therefore glad to support ATMC as Honorary Chairman and to invite managers and companies from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina and... to consider the association as a reliable source for knowhow and information about a new management system.